August Repairathon(s)

I’m happy to announce our next Repairathon.

It turns out that getting enough volunteers for weekend events in the summer can be a bit tricky, what with everyone’s vacations. We had some plans for July events but decided that it would be too difficult to run them without enough people. If you know anyone who might be interested in helping us out, let us know!

So, the next Repairathon will be… Saturday, August 17, noon to 3:30pm. We’ll be part of the York-Eglinton International Street Festival, at Maria A. Shchuka Library, 1745 Eglinton Avenue West. Our friends from the Repair Café will also have an information booth there. You can also find our event on Facebook.

Speaking of the Repair Café, their next event is even sooner, Saturday August 10, 10am-2pm. There will clothing repair there as well.

Lastly, did anyone see us in us in SNAP? They’ve got photos from our last major event, with volunteers Emily and Sue.

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