First event tomorrow – and overwhelmed by donations

We’re very excited for our first event tomorrow, and we have no idea what sort of crowd to expect. This first Repairathon will be a learning experience for us… to see how many people show up, and what kind of repairs are needed. I’m sure some things won’t go as planned, but as long as we get some repairs done, and have fun doing it, we’ll have succeeded.

Last week I was worried that we wouldn’t have enough thread in enough colours to do a whole lot of repairs. Today, I am absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity of donations to the Repairathon. It seems like every donation we’ve collected in the last few days has been twice as much stuff as the previous. We have so much that I now feel a tremendous responsibility to make sure we use it, and use it well.

The donated materials will enable us to expand much more quickly than I had thought we would be able to, perhaps faster than we’re even ready for yet. We’ll keep you updated on this blog, of course. Oh, and we’re actually suspending donations of thread, standard sewing needles, standard pins, and tape measures for now, other than what is brought to tomorrow’s event.