3 thoughts on “More furniture repair events

  1. Katia de Pena

    I’ve been looking for you everywhere! Skills-wise, I’m useful around a household, I can sew, repair basketry, sail making, modern upholstery, soldering, lamp/chandelier re-wiring, replace stove element sockets, clamping, glueing, refinishing, paint effects, dry wall taping, plaster/lath repair, etc. Basic stuff.
    Trouble is, though, over the summer, I work in film/tv, so I am never available work-week evenings, and Saturday morning is usually a write-off as well.

    Do you have week end events I could assist with? I have a fair amount of toolage I can bring with me as well, depending on what your projects are. Not so hot on wood clamps right now, but one can usually be creative.

    K. de Pena

  2. admin Post author

    Thanks for your interest, Katia.

    For sewing, it would be best if you could join our Facebook group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/repairathon/ . Let me know if you’re not on Facebook.

    The Repairathon itself hasn’t moved beyond clothing yet (after all, our first event is this weekend), but we’d like to. Some others are jumping right into that though, and I’ll let them know you’ve posted here.

  3. Paul

    Hi Katia,

    The first repair cafe will be on a Saturday between 10 and 2. Please send in your contact information to info@repaircafetoronto.ca so we can put you on our list.

    Hope you can make it. We are entering unchartered waters, there are still organizational details to work out. We will keep you posted. Thanks for sharing your interest.

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