Repairathon April 28 at Evergreen Brick Works

We’re sew excited to be at Evergreen Brick Works, Saturday, April 28 from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. Join us at the Brick Works, where volunteers will be mending clothing for free as part of the Kids’ World of Energy Festival.

So find those ripped jeans, holey sweaters, and even those worn socks! Volunteers will be happy to repair them. Maximum two (2) items per person to ensure we help as many people as possible. And keep in mind, that we don’t do alterations, just repairs. Zipper replacements may not be possible at every event as we are dependant on the skill levels of the volunteers that day, and the time available to complete the repair.

As a volunteer-driven group, we’re always looking for sewers of all skill levels. We’re a friendly and fun group who loves sharing our skills and giving back to the community. Love to help out? Please sign up at to hear about upcoming events throughout 2018.