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Clothing Repairathon at the Moss Park Market on November 2

The Toronto Clothing Repairathon will be mending and fixing your clothing for FREE from 11AM-2PM at the Moss Park Market (260 Queen St E, Toronto).

Bring up to two pieces of clothing in need of repair (sweaters with holes, shirts missing a button, etc.) and we’ll repair them for you on-the-spot, for free. First come, first served. Please keep in mind we do repairs only – no alterations. Zipper replacements may not be possible at every event, as we are dependent on the skill levels of the volunteers that day.

New volunteers are welcome to attend. No experience needed.

Brickworks Recap

This past Saturday the Toronto Clothing Repairathon made its debut appearance at the Evergreen Brickworks Farmer’s Market, as part of the 100 in a Day event that took place across the city. Our enthusiastic volunteers spent the afternoon stitching tears, mending seams, and breathing new life into people’s ripped and tattered clothing.

Our volunteers for the day were Barbara, Ruth, Bianca, Emily, and Michael, and our customers were ecstatic with the work they did. (We were ecstatic with the generosity of our customers, who purchased coffee, samosas, and other treats for us to much on while we worked. How sweet!)

This Repairathon wasn’t as busy as some past events, but this gave us an opportunity to interact with our lovely customers,  take on a few more time-consuming repairs, and explore the farmer’s market, which boats a huge array of vendors, produce, fresh meat, and just about everything else you can think of. Overall, it was a really fun day and we helped lots of people see their old clothing in a new light.

Here are some photos of the event:

Bianca, Emily, Barbara, and Ruth repairing garments and chatting with customers

Barbara posing with a happy customer after converting a long-sleeved shirt with a giant elbow hole into a short-sleeved shirt

Our volunteers hard at work

No more spilled gummy bears for this man after Barbara repaired a hole in his grocery bag

And another happy customer, who no longer commits an act of indecent exposure every time she wears her favourite jeans

Other upcoming events

  • Tomorrow (Saturday) is the next Repair Café
  • We may have several Repairathons in July, which we’ll announce as soon as we finalize the details.