Clothing Repairathon June 11 at The Leslieville Flea

Join us at The Leslieville Flea on Sunday, June 11 where we’ll be hosting our second clothing repairathon of the year. Volunteers will be mending clothes for free at Ashbridge Estate from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m.

Bring your items in need of repair and volunteers will mend them, for free. Please bring a maximum of two items per person.

We’re excited to get sewing this season. If you are a community group or organization who would like to host us, please get in touch. We still have spots open for 2017 season and would love to hold events in neighbourhoods across the city.

As a volunteer-driven group we’re always looking for sewers of all skill levels. We’re a friendly and fun group who loves sharing our skills and giving back to the community. Love to help out? Please sign up at to hear about upcoming events all summer long.

2 thoughts on “Clothing Repairathon June 11 at The Leslieville Flea

  1. Andrea Gonsalves

    Just wondering if I need to bring patches for jeans? Happy to do so, please advise.

  2. admin

    If you have a patch to bring, we can use it. We also have other fabric to use as patches, which has been donated to us previously.

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