End of June News Roundup

Lots of items today.

  • A reminder that our next event is on Sunday, only four days away. We’ll be somewhere within Kensington Market, alongside all the other activities for Kensington Pedestrian Sunday. We’re outdoors with no tent, so let’s hope there’s no rain.
  • Tonight (June 26) is the Toronto Tool Library‘s East Side Launch Party. Earlier this year, IRBE opened Toronto’s first tool library, which loans out a wide variety of tools for a low annual membership. The first location is around Queen and Lansdowne, and this party is to celebrate a new location near Danforth and Coxwell. This second location is still undergoing renovations, but when open will also include a makerspace with all sorts of equipment that can be used on-site.
  • Our friends at the Toronto Repair Café are holding their second event on July 6, 10am-2pm at Skills for Change (791 St Clair Avenue West). You can also see photos from their first event. Most likely one or more of us from the Repairathon will be there. Just like us, they’re continuing to look for additional volunteers.
  • Toronto’s next Really Really Free Market is also July 6, 10am-6pm at Campbell Park. If you haven’t been before, it’s just what it sounds like. Drop off usable items (such as clothing) that you no longer want, and/or take some items that someone else dropped off. It’s all free, of course. The RRFM is the first Saturday of each month, and at some point, we will hold a Repairathon there.
  • I’m very slowly making some improvements to the website. Today I added a list of the Repairathon’s goals to our home page.
  • Lastly, I wanted to point out the great work of the Calgary Repair Café, which is holding emergency repair events due to the flooding. I’m guessing they’ll be seeing a lot of products with water damage.