We have a website

It’s about time the Repairathon had a website. Now we do. It’s not too pretty and still needs work, but now when you want to tell somebody about the Repairathon, you can point them to repairathon.com.

For now, at least, this blog will serve to announce events and other major announcements. Coordination for planning will continue to take place on the Facebook group.

3 thoughts on “We have a website

  1. Laura

    It’s hard enough for people like myself who are seamstresses to make a living without some well-meaning people offering the same services for free. This is precisely why it is so hard to find someone who can do proper alterations, because we can no longer make a living at it and choose to do something else.

    I will certainly not be donating anything. I donate fabric and supplies to people who are learning to sew instead.

  2. admin Post author

    Thank you very much for your feedback.

    At the Repairathon, we will be making small repairs of the sort that few people would bother with the time or expense of having fixed professionally. We won’t be doing any major work, tailoring or alterations. Hopefully, our events will help remind people of the value of the clothing they already have, and lead them to continue maintaining them (on their own and professionally). We were even thinking of making available at the Repairathon a list or map of relevant nearby businesses.

    As a result of your comments, I have edited our Attend page to make it clearer that we will only be doing small jobs.

    I’m also glad to hear that you donate to people learning to sew; that is a great cause as well. I’m hopeful that Repairathon attendees will watch to see how the repairs are done, and that the volunteers will help explain it.

  3. Laura

    Thank you for your reply clarifying that you only do small repair jobs and encourage people to learn how to do it themselves. I agree we live in a disposable society and people just prefer to buy new. Hopefully your organization will change some of that and get a few people interested in sewing.

    Good luck with your repairathon.

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