Wychwood Recap and upcoming events

First, a note on upcoming events:

  • The Repair Cafe is having their next event (and first anniversary) tomorrow (Saturday).
  • I expect we’ll have two events soon, on May 25th and June 7th; details to come. If you’re interested in volunteering, please join our volunteer mailing list.

Our first event of 2014 was huge. We were busy from the moment we started until we packed up. The Stop’s Farmers’ Market is bustling. Volunteers were Barbara, Jenny, Ruth, Nicole, and myself (Michael). Thanks to all of them, and to Ruth and Nicole for joining us for the first time.

Thanks also to all those who bought us volunteers great food and drinks from the market 🙂

Here are some photos from the event.

everybody hard at work

everybody hard at work

"customer" with Barbara (on the right)

“customer” with Barbara (on the right)

"customers" with Nicole (on the right)

“customers” with Nicole (on the right)

"customer" with Ruth (on the right)

“customer” with Ruth (on the right)

"customers" with Ruth

“customers” with Ruth

doll surgery

doll surgery

"customers" with their doll

“customers” with their doll


pink glove: fixed!

"customer" with Barbara

“customer” with Barbara

Jenny (on the left) with "customer"

Jenny (on the left) with “customer”